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  • Chaturanga Dandasana – For Beginners – Four Limb Staff Pose

    Chaturanga dandasana

    Introduction: Chaturanga dandasana can be called as four limb staff pose in English. Chatura means four, anga means limbs, danda means staff and asana means posture or pose. It is one of the hardest poses in yoga which actually looks simple to do it. Procedure: Before we actually go for this asana you should make […]

  • Tulasana – Balance Pose – Swing Pose

    Swing pose

    Introduction: In sanskrit tula means balance and asana means pose or posture. Tulasana can also be called as swing pose since you are going to swing the lotus to and fro – Tulasana – Balance Pose – Swing Pose Procedure: Initially get into lotus pose. Remember that once you are perfect with the lotus pose then […]

  • Simple Bhujangasana – Cobra Pose for all – Snake Pose

    Simple Bhujangasana - Cobra Pose

    Introduction: In sanskrit bhujanga means snake or cobra and where as asana means posture or pose. Since the posture resembles like a cobra it is called as snake pose or cobra pose – Simple Bhujangasana – Cobra Pose  Glimpse of Simple Bhujangasana – Cobra Pose Procedure:  Initially go for prone pose with palms and legs on the […]

  • Vajrasana – Diamond Pose – Thunderbolt Pose

    Vajrasana - Diamond Pose

    Introduction: Vajrasana – Diamond Pose – Vajra means diamond or thunder bolt in sanskrit and pose means asana. So it can be called as both Thunderbolt pose and Diamond pose. Procedure : Initially go for Knees down position. Slowly try to sit on your heels or get into kneeling position. The position has to be […]

  • Balasana – Child’s Pose – Posture

    Balasana - Child's Pose - Posture

    Introduction: Balasana can also be called as child’s pose. Bala means child and asana means posture. The ultimate aim of this Balasana – Child’s Pose – Posture is actually makes you relaxed after doing some tough asanas like shirshasana. Procedure : Initially try to be in diamond pose or vajrasana or try to bend your knees […]

  • Padahastasana – Hand under foot pose – Forward Bending

    Padahastasana - Hand under foot pose

    Introduction: Padahastasana can also be called as Hand under foot pose. Pada means foot, hasta means hands and asana means posture or pose. The ultimate aim of this Padahastasana is to stretch your back of the body in forward direction by grasping your feet with hands. Procedure: Initially be in standing position. First step is, have […]

  • Viparita Dandasana – Inverted Staff Pose For Beginners

    Viparita dandasana

    How to do Viparita Dandasana ( Inverted Staff Pose For Beginners ) Introduction: It is a combination of shirshasana and urdhva dhanurasana. In English viparita means inverted, danda means staff and asana means pose. It is a advanced asana where your neck and shoulders have to be strong and activated or you can say they should […]

  • Advanced vakrasana or Twisted Pose for Beginners

    advanced twisted pose

    Introduction: Vakrasana can also be called as twisted pose, in sanskrit vakra mean twist and asana means posture. How to do advanced vakrasana or twisted pose Initially try to sit down with legs in forward direction nicely. Try to bend or fold your right leg and put it on other side of the left leg […]