Vajrasana – Diamond Pose – Thunderbolt Pose

Vajrasana - Diamond Pose


Vajrasana – Diamond Pose – Vajra means diamond or thunder bolt in sanskrit and pose means asana. So it can be called as both Thunderbolt pose and Diamond pose.

Procedure :

Initially go for Knees down position. Slowly try to sit on your heels or get into kneeling position.

Vajrasana - Diamond Pose

The position has to be in such a way that you got to bend your knees, hips and calves should be beneath the thighs. First toes of both the feet should touch each other. Body and spine erect. Head still in forward direction.

Vajrasana - Diamond PoseVajrasana - Diamond Pose

Vajrasana - Diamond Pose

Now put your four finger gap on your laps or knees. Close your eyes, relax and have a normal breath for 2 to 3 minutes.

Vajrasana - Diamond PoseVajrasana - Diamond Pose

Open your eyes, rub your palms and get back normal position.


Improves Digestion.

Strengthens your muscles of legs.

Constipation will be cured.

Can be used as basic pose for doing different pranayamas or breathing exercises.


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