Tulasana – Balance Pose – Swing Pose

Swing pose


In sanskrit tula means balance and asana means pose or posture. Tulasana can also be called as swing pose since you are going to swing the lotus to and fro – Tulasana – Balance Pose – Swing Pose


Initially get into lotus pose. Remember that once you are perfect with the lotus pose then only you can go for balance pose. Your shoulders and arms should be firm and activated or you should be warmed up before you go for this asana.

Tulasana - Balance Pose

After getting into lotus pose now place your hands on either side of hips. Now breath in and raise your entire torso, legs and feet using the arms and shoulders. Try to balance the body and also can swing your lotus if your arms and shoulders really support it.

Tulasana - Balance PoseTulasana - Balance Pose

Hold on for atleast 15 to 30 seconds and have a normal natural breath.

Now exhale and drop down your lotus slowly and try to relax in the same lotus for one minute by doing gyana mudra.

You can do this posture for 3 to 4 times for better results. Never take breathing for granted. And also once you are consistent in your practice, you can raise your lotus on your fingers also if possible.

Tulasana - Balance PoseTulasana - Balance Pose

Benefits of Tulasana – Balance Pose – Swing Pose

Strengthens your arms and hips.

Strengthens your shoulders, back and wrists.


People with shoulder and wrist injuries shouldn’t be doing this asana.


Tulasana – Balance Pose – Full video Tutorials

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