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  • Umpires Selection in Cricket

    Umpires Selection in Cricket

    Who selects the umpires for Test matches and for Limited over matches ? I think every one knows who selects the umpires for International cricket matches. It is the ICC, International Cricket Council who appoints the best umpires from different Test playing nations for the matches based on International platforms. Not only selections, monitoring their […]

  • No-Ball Rules in Cricket

    No-Ball Rules in Cricket

    Does the spin bowlers and fast bowlers have same kind of norms or rules while bowling No Balls? In general in the department of bowling “No Ball” in any type of bowling or any kind of bowler whether fast or slow the code of conduct or the law according to ICC rules are one and […]

  • Bowling Guards in Cricket

    Bowling Guards in Cricket

    Is it mandatory for the bowler to say his guard to the umpire before he starts bowling? Exactly not, there is no rule or any mandatory for the bowler to go near the umpire and say, “ How he is going to bowl” like he’s going to bowl leg spin, off spin or any thing […]

  • Umpires Decision in Game of Cricket

    Umpires Decision in Game of Cricket

    If an Umpire makes a mistake in giving a Batsman out then what happens ? Australia vs Sri lanka second test match, last day, 507 runs was the target given by the Australia to Srilanka . Sri lanka was chasing the target very well with Kumara sangakkara debastating the Australian pace attack but was wrongly […]

  • Fourth Umpire in Cricket

    Fourth Umpire in Cricket

    Generally the difficult decisions like run outs, stump outs, boundaries are given to Third umpire. The Third umpire will sort out the decision and helps both the umpires who are on the field. But there is another umpire who helps these three umpires both on the field and off the field. He is Fourth umpire. […]