No-Ball Rules in Cricket

No-Ball Rules in Cricket

Does the spin bowlers and fast bowlers have same kind of norms or rules while bowling No Balls?

In general in the department of bowling “No Ball” in any type of bowling or any kind of bowler whether fast or slow the code of conduct or the law according to ICC rules are one and same.

No-Ball Rules in Cricket

But there is a slight change in the law in case of spin bowlers bowling Beamers. In general when a fast bowler bowls a Beamer above the waist level of the batsman, the ball will be declared as “No Ball”. But where as in the case of spin bowling the bowlers will enjoy certain favorable limitations like he is allowed to bowl a Beamer up to a shoulder level just like a short deliveries bowled by fast bowlers.

And if a fast bowler bowls a slow beamer the same rules are applicable as of the spin bowlers.

Here we need to understand why there are slight differences in law between fast and slow bowlers in case of “No Balls”? The reason is simple the slow bowlers are too slow in delivering the balls compared to the fast bowlers. The bowling speed of spin bowlers generally ranges from 60kph to 100kph or 40 mph to 60 mph and where as fast bowlers have their speed ranges from 110kph to 160kph or 70mph to 100mph.

It simply implies even though the spin bowler bowls a Beamer at a speed range of between 60kph to 100kph above the waist level it doesn’t really impact the batsman compared to as Fast Beamer does.

This is the reason why the Slow Beamers bowled by spin bowlers have the law of credibility.

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