Umpires Selection in Cricket

Umpires Selection in Cricket

Who selects the umpires for Test matches and for Limited over matches ?

I think every one knows who selects the umpires for International cricket matches. It is the ICC, International Cricket Council who appoints the best umpires from different Test playing nations for the matches based on International platforms.

Not only selections, monitoring their performances on ground level will also be watched by ICC. The best umpires from the Test playing nations, which are the members of ICC, will be selected to Elite panel.

Umpires Selection in Cricket

Then from Elite panel these umpires will be selected as field umpires (main umpire and leg umpire), third umpires, fourth umpires and match referees separately.

The person who will be selected as third umpire cannot be replaced for field umpires or fourth umpire or match referee.

He will be responsible to only his own ” third umpiring profession “.

The person who will be selected for field umpiring can also be replaced for third umpiring responsibilities if any possible situation occurs.

If any one of the field umpires gets hurt or gets ill, then the fourth umpire will take their responsibilities.

I think many people aren’t aware of the fourth umpire, for more information, just visit our, who is fourth umpire……

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