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  • Umpires and Giant Screens in Cricket

    Umpires and Giant Screens

    Is it right for the field umpires to go for third umpire after watching on a big giant screen replays in case of run-outs, catches…etc. Yes, umpires decision is right. At the end of the day it is the umpire who gives the final verdict whether you like it or not. And remember the captain […]

  • Tie and Draw in Test and One Day Cricket

    Tie and Draw

    DIFFERENCE BETWEEN TIE AND DRAW Most often people get confused in understanding the difference between the words ‘Tie’ and ‘Draw’. Tie is the only word from both which is often used in limited over cricket (one days and T-20’s) and Test cricket when the scores are level. There is no question of word ‘Draw’ using […]

  • Umpires Decision in Game of Cricket

    Umpires Decision

    If an Umpire makes a mistake in giving a Batsman out then what happens ? Australia vs Sri lanka second test match, last day, 507 runs was the target given by the Australia to Srilanka . Sri lanka was chasing the target very well with Kumara sangakkara debastating the Australian pace attack but was wrongly […]

  • Fielding Positions in Cricket

    Cricket Terminology

    Gully, Deep Forward Leg, Silly mid-off, Deep-Extra cover, Short Fine Leg and more check out the Fielding placements.   PITCH DETAILS ONE YARD = 3 FT ONE FT = 12” ONE INCH = 2.54 cm =>ONE YARD = .91 mt => nearly ONE MT =>22 YARD PITCH = nearly 20 MT   FIELDING TERMINOLOGY Fine […]