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  • Difference between white and red cricket balls

    Difference between white and red cricket balls

    Kookaburra Cricket Ball: Kookaburra preserves emphatically that their red and white balls are made using precisely the same process, with the exception of, of course, for the colour. The red and white Kookaburra balls, One must acknowledge that the geometric specs look similar and therefore not to expect any big difference in their aerodynamic efficiency. […]

  • What is jaffa ?

    what is jaffa ?

    Well Jaffa is the delivery bowled by a bowler which is excellently well bowled and unplayable even by the best batsmen in the world. It is the idea taken from the fruit orange since Jaffa is the best type of orange.   Jaffa can also be called as the Corker

  • Net Run Rate Rules and Calculations

    Net Run Rate Rules

    NRR Run rate = Total no of runs scored / Total no of overs faced Net Run Rate Rules – For a single match The net run rate in a single game is nothing but the run rate per over that a team scores minus the run rate per over that is scored against them. […]

  • Ball hitting the Deck – Cricket

    Ball hitting the deck

    If a ball hits the deck or pitch two times before it reaches the batting crease, will it be a dead ball or any thing else ? Its not a dead a ball, it is a No-Ball. The rule is if a ball pitches or hits the deck more than once before it reaches the […]

  • Second New Ball – Cricket ( old rule )

    Second new ball

    Is it mandatory to introduce a Second New-Ball in middle of the 50-Over limited One-day cricket match ?(old rule) Yes, Actually it is one of the new rules which have been introduced in the year 2007. After completion of 35 overs in a one-day match in both innings it is mandatory and compulsory to introduce […]

  • Umpires Selection in Cricket

    Umpires Selection in Cricket

    Who selects the umpires for Test matches and for Limited over matches ? I think every one knows who selects the umpires for International cricket matches. It is the ICC, International Cricket Council who appoints the best umpires from different Test playing nations for the matches based on International platforms. Not only selections, monitoring their […]

  • Over throws and Rules in Cricket

    Over throws and Rules

    What happens if a fieldsman over throws the ball directly out of the boundary. Generally if a fielder over throws the ball for a boundary then we know extra four runs will be added to the batting side. Similarly if a ball is over thrown by the fielder directly drops out of the boundary rope […]

  • Hit wicket and Rules in Cricket

    Hit wicket and Rules

    The batsman hits a ball for a six, and then loses his balance, fells on stumps. Is it a six or out or both six and out? Yes its out, it’s a Hit-Wicket. In modern day of cricket there is a rule that is for a single ball there cant be two actions. Now it […]