Umpires and Giant Screens in Cricket

Umpires and Giant Screens

Is it right for the field umpires to go for third umpire after watching on a big giant screen replays in case of run-outs, catches…etc.

Yes, umpires decision is right. At the end of the day it is the umpire who gives the final verdict whether you like it or not. And remember the captain has no right to ask any questions in any kind of decisions given by the field umpires.

In general when a batsman is given out by the umpire, the umpires can still reconsider their decision and infact can change their decision from “Out to Not out and “Not out to Out” after their first decision.

Umpires and Giant Screens

And naturally the field umpires go for third umpire in case of run-outs, stump outs and catches………etc. But here we need to understand that when the players go for the appeal to the field umpires in case of stump outs, run-outs and etc, the umpire may or may not request the third umpire, if and only if he feels himself that he cant make accurate decisions or gets stuck in between “Out” and “Not-out” then he goes for third umpire, its not like that the fielding side can forcibly make the umpire or try to create the pressure on umpire or try to create the pressure on umpire to go for third umpire.

In 2007, during India’s tour of England, in one of the one-day’s beginning Paul Collinwood was not given run-out by the field umpires and even after some loud appeals from the fielding side the umpires did not go for the third umpire, in these kind of situations the fielding side captain has no right to question the umpires decision, but at the same time when the giant screens in the ground are showing replays of run-out of a batsman which was actually showing the batsman has got run-out, after watching those replays on giant screens the field umpires just went for third umpire’s decision, here again the batsman or captain of fielding side has no right to question the umpires decision.

Then immediately the first decision, which was given “Not out”, was changed to “Out” by the field umpires thanks to giant screen “replays” scenario.

But at the same time it is really un-fortunate for the game of cricket, for all of us, the umpires who changed their decision after watching giant screens.

At the end of the day the umpires has to rethink twice or may be thrice before making any such decisions and situations like this wouldn’t have happen because we all know that umpires decisions are final and Independent on cricket field.

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