Fielding Positions in Cricket

Cricket Terminology

Gully, Deep Forward Leg, Silly mid-off, Deep-Extra cover, Short Fine Leg and more check out the Fielding placements.


  • ONE YARD = 3 FT
  • ONE FT = 12”
  • ONE INCH = 2.54 cm
  • =>ONE YARD = .91 mt => nearly ONE MT
  • =>22 YARD PITCH = nearly 20 MT


Fielding Positions


  • Fine leg, Short fine leg, Deep Square leg, Square leg, Short leg, Backward square leg, Deep Backward square Leg, Mid Wicket, Short Midwicket, Deep Midwicket, Long on, Mid on, Short Mid on, Long off, Mid off, Short Mid off,Covers, Deep cover, Extra cover, Deep Extra Cover, Point, Deep Point, Silly Point, Short cover, Gully, Third Man, 1st slip, 2nd slip, 3rd slip, 4th slip, Leg Gully, Leg Slip, Silly Midoff, Silly Midon, Cover point, Deep Cover Point, Forward Leg, Short Forward Leg, Deep Forward Leg, Deep Gully, Forward point region, Deep Forward pt region, Backward pt, Deep Backwardpt.
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