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  • No Ball Cricket Rules – Back Leg No Ball

    No Ball Cricket Rules - Back Leg No Ball

    What is a Back Leg ? A right leg of a right arm bowler and a left leg of a left arm bowler are termed as back legs. Return crease: A return crease will be of 244 cm parallel to wide joining popping crease and bowling crease. What is a Back Leg No ball ? […]

  • Fielding restrictions and powerplays

    Fielding restrictions and powerplays

    A Powerplay is a name for the fielding restrictions in limited-overs and Twenty20 cricket. One day Cricket rules There are three types of fielding restrictions: First Power Play or Mandatory Power play: First 10 overs of an innings are mandatory Power play , where the fielding side should have maximum two fielders outside the 30 yard circle. […]

  • Over throws and Rules in Cricket

    Over throws and Rules

    What happens if a fieldsman over throws the ball directly out of the boundary. Generally if a fielder over throws the ball for a boundary then we know extra four runs will be added to the batting side. Similarly if a ball is over thrown by the fielder directly drops out of the boundary rope […]

  • Hit wicket and Rules in Cricket

    Hit wicket and Rules

    The batsman hits a ball for a six, and then loses his balance, fells on stumps. Is it a six or out or both six and out? Yes its out, it’s a Hit-Wicket. In modern day of cricket there is a rule that is for a single ball there cant be two actions. Now it […]

  • No-Ball Rules in Cricket

    No-Ball Rules in Cricket

    Does the spin bowlers and fast bowlers have same kind of norms or rules while bowling No Balls? In general in the department of bowling “No Ball” in any type of bowling or any kind of bowler whether fast or slow the code of conduct or the law according to ICC rules are one and […]

  • Bowling Guards in Cricket

    Bowling Guards in Cricket

    Is it mandatory for the bowler to say his guard to the umpire before he starts bowling? Exactly not, there is no rule or any mandatory for the bowler to go near the umpire and say, “ How he is going to bowl” like he’s going to bowl leg spin, off spin or any thing […]

  • Umpires Decision in Game of Cricket

    Umpires Decision

    If an Umpire makes a mistake in giving a Batsman out then what happens ? Australia vs Sri lanka second test match, last day, 507 runs was the target given by the Australia to Srilanka . Sri lanka was chasing the target very well with Kumara sangakkara debastating the Australian pace attack but was wrongly […]

  • Unusual Outs – Cricket Rules and Basics

    Unusual Outs - Cricket Rules

    HANDLING THE BALL If a ball is moving towards stumps after the batsman playing a shot, now if a batsman handles the ball with a hand for the purpose of protecting his wicket, he will be given out, if the opposition appeals to the umpire. Note He can stop the ball by his bat or […]