Vakrasana For Beginners and its Benefits by – Rushi


Vakrasana is also know as Twisted Pose. Vakra means Twist and Asana means posture or pose. Vakrasana means we twist and turn our body to practice it.

How to do it

Try to be in sitting position with legs in forward direction with out bending knees. And the back has to be in erect position.

Now try to fold right leg such that the feet or heel of the right leg should touch the knees of left leg.

Vakrasana For Beginners Vakrasana For Beginners

Now try to twist your trunk and turn your head towards right side with the support of right and left hands. The right hand supports by being at the back of the body exactly in the same line of right shoulder. And the left arm supports by being crossing over the right legs knee touching and holding the right feet.

Vakrasana Vakrasana Vakrasana For Beginners Vakrasana

Now try to look to your right shoulder or at the back of the body. Stay for 30 seconds, after practicing you can be for minimum 2 minutes.  Initially it will be difficult for beginners, try to practice for 2 to 3 times to achieve the flexibility.

Vakrasana For Beginners

Now turn your head back to original position slowly, slowly remove your left hand, unfold your right leg, then get back your right hand on your laps. Remember you have to do every step slowly.

VakrasanaVakrasana For BeginnersVakrasana For Beginners

Do this same phenomena vice versa for left leg – left hand side.


Benefits :

1) It reduces your belly fat
2) Improves spinal cord and nervous system
3) Prevents Diabetes
4) Strengthens Kidneys
5) Chronic back pains and shoulder pains are relieved.
6) Improves Adrenal glands functionality
7) Enlargement of Liver will be arrested.


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