Sarvangasana For Beginners and its Benefits – by – Rushi


Sarvangasana is also know as shoulder stand pose, some call it as mother of all asanas. There are many variations in sarvangasana one of the common one is Salamba Sarvangasana.

Salamba means ‘support’, Sarvanga means ‘every part of the body’ and asana means posture or pose.

How to do it

Put your legs in forward direction, try to adjust yourself in relaxed sitting position, then put your back on the floor and resting your whole body.

Sarvangasana Sarvangasana

Now fold your legs and lift your legs in back direction, now try to push your back with the help of your hands (palms) by pressing, such that the back has to become erect and should be in vertical straight position along with the legs standing nearly in vertical straight direction with out bending any knees.

Sarvangasana For Beginners Sarvangasana For Beginners

Remember, the whole back will be in vertical straight position and it should be in that position and legs should be nearly atleast in vertical straight position, the whole weight of the body will be concentrated on shoulders and mainly neck region.

Sarvangasana For Beginners

Sarvangasana For Beginners

Now try to breathe normally by closing your eyes and stay for 30 seconds, practice for 2 to 3 times so that you can achieve the target. Initially for beginners there might be a pain in your neck, but by constant practice that can be removed in the flow of time.

Now get back to original position by folding your legs slowly and the dropping your legs on the floor back again leaning towards front of your body with the help of your hands. If you are tired then you can go for shavasana for 2 minutes so that you can relax and get ready for next asana.

Sarvangasana Sarvangasana


Every internal part or organ of the body will be worked out, it improves digestive system and blood circulation. Blood flows more through thyroid there by helping thyroid glands.

Sexual disorders can be cured, it prevents hair loss and checks premature graying of hair. It maintains perfect body weight. And it also cures diseases in and around groin region.

Note: People with heart problems, high BP’s, slippery discs and weak persons shouldn’t do this asana.

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