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  • Chinaman bowling – Left-arm unorthodox spin – Video Tutorials

    chinaman bowling

    What is China men bowling and why the word “China men” is used. The left handed spin bowlers who try to spin the ball with the help of their wrists are known as china men bowlers. If the china men is bowled to right handed batsman it exactly resembles as off break to him. Similarly […]

  • No-Ball Rules in Cricket

    No-Ball Rules in Cricket

    Does the spin bowlers and fast bowlers have same kind of norms or rules while bowling No Balls? In general in the department of bowling “No Ball” in any type of bowling or any kind of bowler whether fast or slow the code of conduct or the law according to ICC rules are one and […]

  • Bowling Guards in Cricket

    Bowling Guards in Cricket

    Is it mandatory for the bowler to say his guard to the umpire before he starts bowling? Exactly not, there is no rule or any mandatory for the bowler to go near the umpire and say, “ How he is going to bowl” like he’s going to bowl leg spin, off spin or any thing […]

  • Inter Relationship between Swing and Seam

    Relationship between Swing and Seam

    WHEN THE BALL IS NEW Generally a normal In swinging or Out swinging delivery depends on shiny leather part, seam position and seamy part of the ball. To swing the ball into the batsman the direction of seam of the ball should face towards the batsman or leg slip region. Similarly to swing the ball […]

  • Why a Topspinner is called as Over Spinner ?

    Why a Topspinner is called as Over Spinner

    Its simple, the reason is when you bowl a Normal Leg Break it pitches (rotating with NW directed seam) in and around legstump line, and moves towards outside the Off Stump or towards the slip direction. But where as in Top or Over Spinner the wrist and finger positions makes the ball to move straighter […]

  • What Exactly the Googly n Topspinner are ?

    What Exactly the Googly n Topspinner are

    GOOGLY Googly may also be called as wrong one or the other one. Especially the word Googly is termed in leg spin. While the same is termed as doosra in off spin bowling. So what actually the Googly is ? In leg spin bowling Googly is a basic and common weapon. Googly is simply defined […]

  • Lengths for Spin and Fast Bowling

    lengths for bowling

    Generally for any spin bowling the good length ranges from 2 to 6 yards, but where as for the fast bowlers it ranges from 4 to 8 yards. So why it is so like that ? Let us know The simple reason is pace of the spin in fact the speed in understandable language. The […]

  • Flipper and Normal Quick Delivery

    How to bowl a Flipper

    Let us know the difference between the Flipper and Normal quick delivery (Don’t get confused you will be understanding very soon). If we compare the quicker delivery in Normal or Fast bowling with the Flipper (sudden) we get a thin line making the difference between them. Let us understand the concept behind it. In Normal […]