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  • English Quotes on life by Rushi – Part four

    hindi shayari

    “Living together is always a compromise – living independently is always just about you and your individuality” “If you listen to your mind you may live happily, but if you listen to your heart you are going to live and die happily.” “One life, one chance, one destiny – Never succumb to pressure – live […]

  • English Quotes on life by Rushi – Part three

    english quotes on life

    “People say us just move on. Move on doesn’t mean that you escape away from problems and jump into other problems, when you find a solution and resolve your problem then you are moved.” “In relationships the solution for every problem is face the truth and accept the facts, it may be difficult initially but […]

  • English Quotes on life by Rushi – Part two

    english quotes on life

    “We never care to one who actually thinks and does for us in time, but we always do care about some one who’ve never been with us when needed.” “You may not leave this world that easily if you always have the will to fulfill your ambitions” “My broken glasses have joined the club of […]

  • English Quotes on love by Rushi – Part one

    English Quotes on love

    “Love is not a time pass or fun, love is purely about commitment, courage and consistent.” “Love will teach you one big lesson, the only person you can trust in this part of the world will be simply you yourself” “Never Wait for some one to change your life, the only person who can change […]

  • English Quotes on life by Rushi – Part one

    English Quotes on life

    “Some times I feel my arms are really strong to beat some one on given day, but my heart is not strong enough to face dangerous selfish attitudes of this society ” “If you are responsible for spoiling others life, it is again your responsibility to bring back them to a normal life with more […]