English Quotes on life by Rushi – Part one

English Quotes on life

Some times I feel my arms are really strong to beat some one on given day, but my heart is not strong enough to face dangerous selfish attitudes of this society

“If you are responsible for spoiling others life, it is again your responsibility to bring back them to a normal life with more trust n faith”

“Life will test you again and again, if we don’t realize even after so many mistakes, life will just punish you again and again”

“People should love you when you are born, people should follow you when you are alive, People should remember you when you die.”

” Always chose toughest paths in your life, never chose and become a prey to easier things “

“If you cheat some one its a common thing. But if you cheat yourself then you are the biggest loser on this planet”

“I should be happy and safe – selfish. I and every one should be happy – May not be selfish. Every one should be happy even if I don’t – Self less.”

“Even if you lost the battle of personal life for ever, your biggest hope should be your professional life”

“One bad thing can diminish all of your 99 good things”

“Even if every one in society – people, neighbors, friends, family, near ones, your dear ones make fun of you and your life, but it is you, yourself should not make fun of your life.”


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