English Quotes on life by Rushi – Part two

english quotes on life

We never care to one who actually thinks and does for us in time, but we always do care about some one who’ve never been with us when needed.”

“You may not leave this world that easily if you always have the will to fulfill your ambitions”

“My broken glasses have joined the club of my broken heart. I can repair my glasses but I can’t repair my broken heart”.

“Life will teach you one big lesson, the only person you can trust in this part of the world will be simply you yourself”

“Never Wait for some one to change your life, the only person who can change your life is always you yourself”

“If you are looking for special achievements in your life, never get into the trap of women, marriage, children, society and money.”

“If you don’t control your mind in right time, you will just lose your control on your life”

“Instead of changing the bad things to good, its better to stay away from those things”

“Just love to be single and lonely, you may not be happy but you will be peaceful.”

Even after so much of hard work there is no guarantee of success, but atleast you will be happy for your attempts”




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