English Quotes on life by Rushi – Part three

english quotes on life

“People say us just move on. Move on doesn’t mean that you escape away from problems and jump into other problems, when you find a solution and resolve your problem then you are moved.”

“In relationships the solution for every problem is face the truth and accept the facts, it may be difficult initially but you will be happy forever in your rest of life”

“If you don’t respect some one its ok but if you insult them it just says how cheap you are.”

“Selfish dangerous attitude will always leads to destruction”

“We always choose bad ways because its the easiest one, we always ignore good ways because they are just toughest ones.”

“Life always gives you new opportunities to learn from your mistakes, if you don’t you will be just kicked off to no where once again.”

“Living happily should not be only your priority, dying happily should also be yours priority, to happen that you have to lead your life what exactly your heart says.”

“The world runs with reality and truth but not with perception and imagination.”

“Having ego and attitude is not a big deal but whether it is helping us to move in right direction or not is important.”

“If we make fun of others life, life will just hit back you with more fun.”


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