Udgeeth Pranayama Tutorials and its Benefits

Udgeeth Pranayama Tutorials


It is the Pranayama where you actually have a deep long breaths inwards and chant Omkara while breathing outwards. It is also called as Omkara Japa Breathing technique or Chanting breathing technique.

It is one of the most important 7 pranayamas and also this breathing technique should be done after all breathing exercises.

Glimpse of Udgeeth Pranayama:


Initially try to sit in padmasana or artha padmasana or sukasana or siddhasana. Your spine has to be erect, head in still position but can be moved up and down accordingly and shoulders should be firm.

Udgeeth Pranayama Tutorials Udgeeth Pranayama Tutorials Udgeeth Pranayama Tutorials Udgeeth Pranayama Tutorials Udgeeth Pranayama Tutorials 20141107173503(17)

Try to be in gyana mudra position, close your eyes, have a deep long breath inwards and long deep breath outward by chanting Omkara. You got to exhale slowly or you can say breath out as long as possible by chanting OM. Try to concentrate on your breathing and chanting. Don’t take breathing as granted so do concentrate on breathing. Try to fill your lungs but not stomach, your chest will be blown out if inhaled properly.

Udgeeth Pranayama Tutorials Udgeeth Pranayama Tutorials

The ratio of this procedure should be in 1:2 initially, can be increased to 1:4 or 1:6 once you are consistent in your practice. The concept is let us think that if the time taken for breathing inwards is one second then breathing out or chanting should be for 2 or 4 or 6 seconds. Try to exhale slowly as slow as possible.

Inhale positive energy and exhale negative energy. Try to feel your self and observe the flow of energy in your body.

Do practice for at least 5 mins in a day and try to have breaths for at least 5 to 10 times for one cycle.

Now slowly rub your palms and open your eyes and feel the calmness in your mind.

Udgeeth Pranayama Tutorials

Benefits of Udgeeth Pranayama 

Calms your mind.

Relieves tensions and anger.

Excellent pranayama for meditation.

Controls B.P and hyper tensions.

Improves memory power.


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