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  • Inter Relationship between Swing and Seam

    Relationship between Swing and Seam

    WHEN THE BALL IS NEW Generally a normal In swinging or Out swinging delivery depends on shiny leather part, seam position and seamy part of the ball. To swing the ball into the batsman the direction of seam of the ball should face towards the batsman or leg slip region. Similarly to swing the ball […]

  • Dippers in Cricket

    Dippers in Cricket

    DIPPER If we speak in the context of cricket it is defined as the ball which sharply dips into the batsman. Generally the word dipper is used for incoming deliveries known as In dippers which sharply deviates or swings or seams or cuts into the batsman. Generally it is not a particular delivery just like […]

  • Cutters in Cricket – Video Tutorials

    Why a Ball Reverse Swings

    In fast bowling generally we do have two types of cutters one is the ball which cuts away from the batsman towards the slip region after moving off the pitch known as leg cutter. The other one is the ball which moves or cuts into the batsman after hitting the pitch in and around the […]

  • Reverse swing Bowling – Condition 2

    Why a Ball Reverse swings

    When both the sides of the ball becomes rough and hard, as we know the swing of the ball depends on shiny leather part, so it nearly becomes impossible for the bowler to swing the ball in or away from the batsman. But if one side of the ball weighs more than the other side […]

  • Reverse swing Bowling – Condition 1

    Why a Ball Reverse swings

    WHEN THE BALL IS OLD OR ODD Generally when the ball becomes old we get two different conditions. They are The old ball where one sided leather part becomes rough and hard, where as the other sided leather part still shines (protected shine). The old ball where either the leather parts or sides of the […]

  • Seam Bowling in Cricket

    Bowling Guards in Cricket

    What is a seam ? Generally cricket balls like SG ball, Kookaburra ball or any other international standard cricket Ball can be divided into three parts. The two parts which are facing opposite to each other are known as the shiny leather parts. An unattractive layer or disreputable side or line of the ball is […]