Simple Bakasana For Beginners & its Benefits – by Rushi

Bakasana is a posture which is also known as crane or crow pose in yoga which is practiced for benefits of strengthening of your arms, wrists, shoulders and hands. It is the asana where you are going to balance your total weight on your arms,

Its look very easy but very tough to do it. A sense of concentration, balance and control are crucial in practicing bakasana. Initially you feel very difficult in doing bakasana, you need absolute practice repeatedly to get perfectness in doing bakasana.

How to do it:

Try to be in vajrasana initially.

Bakasana For Beginners

Now try to be in frog position and put your arms inside your knees and fix it with knees.

Bakasana For Beginners

Now try to bend your elbow and  try to lift your legs or heel leaning forward in the air by putting weight of the body on your arms.

Bakasana For Beginners

Then the weight of the body creates pressure in your elbow thereby the whole pressure in abdomen region. Try to make your elbow as straight as possible. Keep your head straight looking forward. Now try to stay for atleast 30 seconds and after practicing consistently try to stay for one to two minutes. Then have the normal breath by closing your eyes, and try to drop down slowly with your one leg or both legs.

Bakasana For Beginners
And initially it creates lots of pressure since whole weight of the body will be on your arms, creating pressure. There fore practice for 3 to 4 times then you will be going to balance your body with out any stress.

In this simple bakasana your knees will be going to come outside the elbow, well in the next level your knees are going to be directly inserted into your armpits.


  1.  Strengthening of your arms, wrists, shoulders and hands.
  2. Toning of internal organs of abdomen
  3. Checks heart burns, acidity
  4. Improves digestive system
  5. Functionality of  lungs gets improved
  6. Upper back becomes rejuvenated and flexible.

Caution: People with heart problems, high BP, slippery disc shouldn’t do this asana.


Advanced Bakasana Video

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