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  • Tie and Draw in Test and One Day Cricket

    Tie and Draw

    DIFFERENCE BETWEEN TIE AND DRAW Most often people get confused in understanding the difference between the words ‘Tie’ and ‘Draw’. Tie is the only word from both which is often used in limited over cricket (one days and T-20’s) and Test cricket when the scores are level. There is no question of word ‘Draw’ using […]

  • Lengths for Spin and Fast Bowling

    lengths for bowling

    Generally for any spin bowling the good length ranges from 2 to 6 yards, but where as for the fast bowlers it ranges from 4 to 8 yards. So why it is so like that ? Let us know The simple reason is pace of the spin in fact the speed in understandable language. The […]

  • Fielding Positions in Cricket

    Cricket Terminology

    Gully, Deep Forward Leg, Silly mid-off, Deep-Extra cover, Short Fine Leg and more check out the Fielding placements.   PITCH DETAILS ONE YARD = 3 FT ONE FT = 12” ONE INCH = 2.54 cm =>ONE YARD = .91 mt => nearly ONE MT =>22 YARD PITCH = nearly 20 MT   FIELDING TERMINOLOGY Fine […]

  • Unusual Outs – Cricket Rules and Basics

    Unusual Outs - Cricket Rules

    HANDLING THE BALL If a ball is moving towards stumps after the batsman playing a shot, now if a batsman handles the ball with a hand for the purpose of protecting his wicket, he will be given out, if the opposition appeals to the umpire. Note He can stop the ball by his bat or […]

  • Types of bowling speeds in cricket

    Bowling Guards in Cricket

    SPEEDS OF THE BALL Generally we do have four types of speeds. They are Releasing speed (pt). Before pitching. After pitching. and before hitting the bat or when it hits the bat. Releasing Speed Its the speed which is calculated at the time of you release the ball from your hand or wrist. Or else […]

  • Types of Fast Bowling in Cricket

    Dippers in Cricket

    In Fast bowling generally we do have four types of bowling. They are. Fast or Quick bowling. Fast Medium. Medium Fast. Slow Medium. FAST OR QUICK BOWLERS The bowlers who bowl at a speed ranging from minimum 140 kph to maximum 160 kph or more (generally) or The bowlers who maintain their speeds regularly in […]

  • Batting Statistics in Cricket

    Batting Statistics in Cricket

    BATTING AVERAGE Batting Average = No of runs scored / No of matches (outs). Example Batting Average = 46.2. =>For every match the batsman scores an average of 46.2 runs. Lets say if a batsman has an batting average of 46.2 with 100 matches played, then =>46.2 = No of runs scored /100. =>No of […]

  • Scientific Cricket

    The technology has changed this world and the Cricket was not left behind. The technology has given the new definition to Cricket. The high resolution ultra motion cameras, snickometers, Hawk eye, Zoomers, G.P.S and many more equipments are added to Cricket. It has made Cricket more interesting especially for the viewers and also helping out […]