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  • Viparita Dandasana – Inverted Staff Pose For Beginners

    Viparita dandasana

    How to do Viparita Dandasana (┬áInverted Staff Pose For Beginners ) Introduction: It is a combination of shirshasana and urdhva dhanurasana. In English viparita means inverted, danda means staff and asana means pose. It is a advanced asana where your neck and shoulders have to be strong and activated or you can say they should […]

  • Video – Viparita dandasana

    Viparita dandasana

    How to do viparita dandasana Today we created how to do a viparita dandasana which is a combination of sirsasana and chakrasana with the combination of two legs or one leg. Well Viparita means inverted and staff means danda. Viparita dandasana Tutorials