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  • Tie and Draw in Test and One Day Cricket

    Tie and Draw

    DIFFERENCE BETWEEN TIE AND DRAW Most often people get confused in understanding the difference between the words ‘Tie’ and ‘Draw’. Tie is the only word from both which is often used in limited over cricket (one days and T-20’s) and Test cricket when the scores are level. There is no question of word ‘Draw’ using […]

  • Types of Fast Bowling in Cricket

    Dippers in Cricket

    In Fast bowling generally we do have four types of bowling. They are. Fast or Quick bowling. Fast Medium. Medium Fast. Slow Medium. FAST OR QUICK BOWLERS The bowlers who bowl at a speed ranging from minimum 140 kph to maximum 160 kph or more (generally) or The bowlers who maintain their speeds regularly in […]

  • Bowling Basics in Cricket

    Bowling Basics in Cricket

    BASICS Any bowling can be divided in to three parts. They are Run-Up. Bowling Action. Follow Through. RUN-UP Run-up is the first part of the bowling. Run-up can be divided in to two parts again. They are Start Up and Momentum. START-UP Start-up is the first part of the run-up. To get into the momentum […]