Cricket Terminology

Cricket Terminology

Fielding Terminology

  • Fine leg, Short fine leg, Deep Square leg, Square leg, Short leg, Backward square leg, Deep Backward square Leg, Mid Wicket, Short Midwicket, Deep Mid wicket, Long on, Mid on, Short Mid on, Long off, Mid off, Short Mid off, Covers, Deep cover, Extra cover, Deep Extra Cover, Point, Deep Point, Silly Point, Short cover, Gully, Third Man, 1st slip, 2nd slip, 3rd slip, 4th slip, Leg Gully, Leg Slip, Silly Mid off, Silly Mid on, Cover point, Deep Cover Point, Forward Leg, Short Forward Leg, Deep Forward Leg, Deep Gully, Forward point region, Deep Forward pt region, Backward pt, Deep Backward pt, sweeper. Get More Details

Batting Terminology

  • Follow through, Soft hands, Strong bottom hand, Short arm pull shot, Slog Sweep, Cover drive, flick of the wrist, Paddle Sweep, Lofted drive, Straight drive, On drive, Off drive, Square cut, Hook shot, Pull shot, Horizontal bat shot, cross bat shot, straight or vertical bat shot, Flick shot, Delicate cut shot, scoop shots, Leg glance, Wristy shot, Sweep shots, Opening the blade of the bat, Reverse sweep Shot, Middle of the bat, Front foot, Inside out, Late cut, Swing the bat, Inside edge, Upper cuts, French cuts, Clearing the front leg, High back lift, Transfer of body weight, Hitting on top of the ball, Still head, Opening or closing the face of the bat, Rolling your wrist, Slicing the ball, Standing tall, Stand and deliver, Hitting through the line, Switch on shots, Front foot, Back foot.

Bowling Terminology
Fast Bowling

  • Medium Fast, Fast Medium, Fast, Slower Ball, Off Cutter, seam up, Leg Cutter, Fast Slower Ball, Bouncer, Beamer, In Swinger, Out Swinger, Late Swinger, Reverse Swinger, Half volley, Fuller or Full Volley, Over pitch, Across the Seam or scrambled seam, Short Ball, Yorker, Angle Bowling, Slower Bouncer, Slow Off cutter, Slow Leg Cutter, Reverse Late (In swinger), Reverse Late (Out swinger).

Leg Spin

  • Leg Break, Flipper, Top spinner or Over spinner or straighter one, Back spinner or Slider, Skidder, Shooter, Change of pace, the other one or wrong one or Googly.

Off Spin

  • Off Break, Doosra, Quicker, Straighter or Top spinner or Over spinner, Shooter, Change of pace, Arm ball, Off Slider, Off Skidder.

Left Arm Spin

  • Left arm spin, Arm ball, Quicker one, Straighter one, Change of pace, Left arm Skidder.

Left Arm Wrist

  • China Men, Googly, Quicker one, Shooter, Skidder, Change of pace.
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