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  • How to bowl a Googly – Type one – Video Tutorials

    How to bowl a Googly

    Well googly is the kind of unexpected delivery in a leg spin bowling which pitches in and around the off stump line for a right handed batsman and moves into the stumps or the batsman after hitting the pitch. Watch the below video for how to bowl a googly In brief: So how do you bowl […]

  • How to bowl a basic googly – Video Tutorials – Type three

    How to bowl a basic googly

    It is a good flighted top spinning delivery which pitches in, from good outside the off stump line to middle stump line at a length of 2 to 5 yards and suddenly moves sharply into the right handed batsman after hitting the pitch. It is the ring finger which plays the major role along with […]

  • Googly lines for Left handed batsman

    Important to note while bowling Googly for LHB Googly should be always pitched in and around the off stump line for left handed batsman. It should be pitched between 2 to 5 yards of length measured from batting wickets. Ball should be pitched in middle stump line, middle and off stump line, off stump line […]

  • Perfect Googly Video – Cricket

    A perfect Googly To Bowl A Perfect googly should be always bowled in and around the off stump line for a right handed batsman.   Gripping the ball Position of Wrist Position of Arm Position of Body Direction of Front Leg Perfect Googly Video Different lines for RHB Different lines for LHB How to Bowl […]

  • Googly Gripping – Wrong one – Other One

    Googly gripping

    Gripping the ball While bowling Googly To bowl a googly grip the ball just like similar to the way you grip for leg break. Like the thumb which doesn’t play a major role in this type of googly can be switched on or switched off on the seam, the index and middle fingers should be […]

  • Googly Variation – Chest Position

    Googly variation Chest

    Position of Body  in Googly variation Well when you bowl a basic googly the position of chest has to face towards the legslip or fineleg direction unlike in legbreak which actually faces towards the backward square leg region. The direction of chest has to be adjusted towards leg slip or fine leg region so that […]

  • Googly Variation – Wrist Position

    Position of Wrist while bowling Googly   Well while bowling googly the position of wrist has to be rotated from basic 0 degree to 180 degree position such that the back of the palm has to face towards the batsman as shown in picture. The main intention to do this is, making sure to rotate […]

  • Googly Variation – Arm Position

    Position of Arm While bowling Googly   Well the position of arm has to be higher and some where at an angle of more than 60 degree with respect to horizontal shoulder position. You can see very clearly in this picture the arm has been positioned at an angle of more than 60 degree, which […]