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  • Dew Factor in Cricket

    Dew Factor in Cricket

    Before knowing the DEW FACTOR lets understand the concept of moisture and condensation. Moist Slightly wet, damp ; Moisture It is a condensed vapor or gas diffused in the soil (pitch) itself or condensed on a surfaces (pitch) or condensed in the atmosphere. Condense To change a vapor or gas in to liquid or solid…

  • Cricket Ground Measurements

    Cricket Ground Measurements

    Generally the ground or field can be divided into three parts. They are 22 yards pitch. Infield or Inner Circle. Outfield or outer circle or boundary circle. PITCH The length of the pitch from wicket to wicket has to be 22 yards. And no less or more than 22 yards should be there. INFIELD From…

  • Foot Marks on Cricket Pitches

    Foot Marks on Cricket Pitches

    Foot marks is one of the most common word used in Cricket especially in Test matches. The word Foot marks is used rarely in one day format. The complete package of concept of Foot Marks can be understood in Test Matches exclusively. SO WHAT ACTUALLY IS THE FOOT MARK ? The marks which are created…