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  • Types of bowling speeds in cricket

    Types of bowling speeds in cricket

    SPEEDS OF THE BALL Generally we do have four types of speeds. They are Releasing speed (pt). Before pitching. After pitching. and before hitting the bat or when it hits the bat. Releasing Speed Its the speed which is calculated at the time of you release the ball from your hand or wrist. Or else…

  • Line n Length in Cricket

    Line n Length in Cricket

    LINE There are three stumps the first one is off stump, second one is middle stump, third one is Leg stump. We have two ends one is Bowling end and the other one is Batting end.So now draw a straight long 22 yard rectangle stretching from Batting end to Bowling end such that the three…

  • Swing Bowling in Cricket

    Swing Bowling in Cricket

    In the context of cricket, the swing of the ball is defined as the ball which curves in or away in the air before or after hitting the pitch. Unlike in seaming deliveries where seam of the ball takes place when the ball actually hits the pitch or moves off the pitch, but here in…