Boiled Potato Curry – Aloo Recipe – Indian Cuisine

Ingredients Required for Boiled Potato Curry:

Boiled Potato Curry


  • Sufficient mustard seeds and cumin seeds
  • One onion
  • Sufficient curry leaves
  • One Tsp of Ginger garlic paste
  • One Cup of Green chili
  • One Tomato
  • One Tsp of Turmeric powder
  • Sufficient Coriander leaves
  • Sufficient salt
  • Sufficient oil
  • 500 gms of Boiled potato
Procedure for Boiled Potato Curry:

Initially heat the pan in high flame and add sufficient oil. Once the oil is heated put the stove in low flame, add mustard seeds and cumin seeds, allow them for tempering.


Once the tempering is done, add curry leaves, green chili, onions and allow them to fry for atleast one or two minutes.


Once they are fried add ginger garlic paste and turmeric powder, spread the paste evenly and allow the stove for one more minute in low flame.


After completion of one minute add tomatoes, mix them thoroughly, tomatoes should become oily. Now allow for 2 minutes so that tomatoes should become soft.



After completion of 2 minutes add boiled potato, mix it thoroughly so that oil should reach every corner of potato. Once you mix it nicely the potato changes into yellow color. Now allow for four minutes in low flame.

Boiled Potato Curry

Boiled Potato Curry

In between like after completion of one or two minutes add sufficient salt and allow for remaining period of time which is of 2 or 3 minutes.


After completion of 2 or 3 minutes add one cup of water to have some gravy, stir it slowly and allow for two minute in low flame.


After completion of two minutes the curry gets into a beautiful shape, the oil reaches right at the top layer of the curry which is the indication of final stage of the recipe. Now add the coriander leaves and allow for final one minute in low flame.

20150210014041(1)Boiled Potato Curry

After completion of final one minute a hot and delicious potato curry will be absolutely ready with some thick gravy.

Boiled Potato Curry

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